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Albatross Theatre Lab (2018-2021) provides early-career theatre artists with a space to both cultivate and showcase their unique artistic visions. Building from a strong community base, Albatross highlights the exciting, imaginative work being produced by emerging artists in the Seattle theatre community, while also encouraging these artists to experiment, grow, and develop their own creative voices. Albatross was founded by a small group of former members of The Bathhouse Ensemble (BE).


December 1, 2021

We at Albatross Theatre Lab went on an informal hiatus at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Since then, a lot has happened in all of our lives, both yours and ours, that has changed the directions of our next steps and futures.

Our leadership team is comprised of those who both work full-time in the arts and culture sectors and some that work in entirely unrelated fields, but the things that united us were theater and the joy of being together.

Together with our leadership teammates; together with the artists we worked side-by-side with for almost three years; together with community partners and organizations; together with you, our patrons, supporters, families, and friends.

With the world beginning to reopen, one thing has become clear to all of us at Albatross: we are so proud of the time we spent creating and experiencing art together with you, but our journey together as Albatross Theatre Lab is ready to come to an end.

Albatross was founded at a time when many were craving an outlet for their art. Now, a new renaissance of theater and art is on the horizon for the post-pandemic future. All of us on the leadership team look forward to seeing you in the audiences of all the incredible performances that are to come.

As we say goodbye, we ask that you support your favorite small, fringe, and non-profit theater and arts organizations as we near the end of the calendar year. After almost two years of closures, many companies are relying on you to reopen their doors and in this season of giving, your generosity will go further than ever before. We at Albatross are thankful to close our books in the black, but many are not able to say the same.

Lastly, some final words of gratitude:

Thank you to the individuals who have contributed to our success from the start, from former leadership team members to Affiliate Artists to volunteers.

Thank you to UHeights, who welcomed us into the first ever UHeights Theatre Alliance. You gave us a home base from which to create, and we will be forever grateful.

And thank you to our patrons and supporters, everyone who attended a show, event, or fundraiser with us; to our friends and family who came out to cheer us on at every step. Your encouragement and belief has meant more to us than you know.

Until we see you again, in an audience near you.

—The Albatross Leadership Team
Annika Bennett, Avi Kool, Noelle McCabe, Sam Harris, Sara Albertson, Xandria Nirvana Easterday Callahan