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Reading Series:


by Lucas Kavner

Directed by Madison Gordon

Sunday, November 11 at 7pm

Isaac Studio at Taproot Theatre

Free Admission


At the headquarters of Clickshare dot com, a team of bloggers are hard at work to publish the day's hottest clickbait articles. But when ominous signs begin appearing around the office, this team of hip professionals will learn the true meaning of going viral.

Gayle Hammersley as Ashley
Beverly Poole as Ria
Ben Symons as Colin
Gabriel Klein as Zak
Tracy Leigh as Milano

Director's Notes

“It's hard to believe that Clickshare was written in 2014, 2 years before the terms ‘fake news’ or ‘alternative facts’ would even begin to enter the public discourse. Even so, this remarkably clever, acerbic, and –above all else– prescient comedy asks questions that resonate profoundly in the here and now. Where is the line between truth, exaggeration, and lies? What are the effects of unlimited information on the human mind? Is there ever a time where telling the truth is less worthwhile than telling the right story? Clickshare explores these themes with the intensity of a psychological thriller and the broad, satirical wit of a cult dark comedy. I'm not sure whether people will walk away from the play laughing or horrified, but either way, it will have done its job beautifully.”

—Madison Gordon, director

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