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Directed by Alex Lee Reed

Sunday, March 17 at 7pm

Free Admission

The Auditorium at University Heights Center

After her mother’s death, 28-year-old Fay seeks solace walking on a nearby bridge, where she finds an unexpected friendship with a fellow wanderer. As she opens up about her struggles, Fay uncovers some truths about her family and the past that have long been kept a secret—even to herself. (Content warning: suicide)

Featuring Tiana Ross (Fay), Kaila Towers (Judy), Troy Johnson (Dad), Cooper Harris-Turner (Hopkins), with stage directions read by Grace Carmack.

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The Auditorium at UHeights (University Heights Center): 5031 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105. A wheelchair lift is available at the SW entrance (off Brooklyn Ave) with a max capacity of 350 lbs. Please call UHeights staff for assistance at 206.235.8567.


Free admission; first come, first served seating. No tickets or RSVPs required.

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From the Director:

"Life and death, joy and grief, doubt and certainty — Jump is a play that deals in all and accepts none of these absolutes. It is a play about love. It’s a play about family. It’s a play about loss, and connection, and little scraps of hope, and trying to figure out what the hell it all means. 

This may not be a play for everyone (and that’s okay), but I’d offer that this this is a play for anyone. You won’t find any storybook ending, or neatly packaged work of art in this play. I hope, however, that you will find some solace here. I hope that you will laugh, or cry, or snap, or finally just exhale." - Alex Lee Reed, director

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