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Reading Series:



by MJ Kaufman

Directed by

Xandria Nirvana Easterday Callahan

Sunday, December 9 at 7pm

Free Admission

Isaac Studio at Taproot Theatre

When his father falls sick, a young trans man moves back home to the mountains of Oregon. As he navigates his changing relationship with his family, he finds a kindred spirit in a graduate student studying the ancient forest.

Owen: Ben Swenson-Klatt
Archer: Avi Kool
Pops/Mr. Peterson: Tom Fraser
Mom: Macall Gordon
Grandma: Catherine Kettrick
Stage Directions: Noelle McCabe

Director's Notes​

"In the chaos of life, a name is the most grounding thing you have, the personal identity you have created, which keeps you solidly in the world around you, the more people call you by that name, the more solid and grounded it helps you become. Each time someone uses a name you have not chosen, it is as if someone has given the merry-go-round of your life an extra push, and you have to find a way to ground yourself anew. 


This is a play about names, the meaning in the names we are given, and the meaning in the names we choose. The meanings in the names we call each other, and those we ask to be called. 


Not just the prescribed meanings, but also the significance of asking someone to use the name you have chosen. The significance of change is something we think about a lot in the abstract, frequently people say change is a bad thing. What I think is important to remember, and what this play helps highlight, is that change is only bad if you don’t accept it, and that change is most frequently about healing."


—Xandria Nirvana Barber, director

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